Tru Earth Reusable Cotton Mesh Produce Bags by Tru Earth, Set of 6 (3-medium, 3-large)

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Now You'll Be The Talk Of The Supermarket 

  • REUSABLE AND ECO-FRIENDLY: You’ll never get stuck having to use plastic produce bags at the grocery store again. Our cotton produce bags are bigger in size, can hold more weight and are reusable in comparison to the plastic ones. Each time you re-use a cotton produce bag, you are helping keep plastics out of our rivers, oceans and landfills. 

  • 100% ORGANIC COTTON: The design is a double-stitched, durable and lightweight mesh. You won’t have to worry about your bags tearing or falling apart after repeated use.

  • EASY TO WASH AND QUICK TO DRY: The mesh pattern of these produce bags make them easy to rinse with water to remove any dirt, soil or stains. You can also place them in your washing machine for an easier cleaning experience. To dry, simply flatten them out and allow to air dry. 

  • DRAWSTRING TO KEEP YOUR PRODUCE SECURE: Place your fruits and vegetables in the bag and then tighten with a tug of the easy pull drawstring. This will keep your produce in place and secure. It will also prevent any of your fruits and vegetables from falling out of the bag. 

  • MULTIPLE SIZING OPTIONS: You won’t have to jam all your produce into two or three plastic produce bags. Each package contains 3 (11”x17”) and 3 (11”x13”) reusable produce bags. Both great options for holding different shapes and sizes of fruits and vegetables


Tru Earth Reusable Cotton Produce Bags will change how you shop for fruits and vegetables. Made from 100% organic cotton, these bags are lightweight and durable. They are perfect for transporting fruits and vegetables to your home. The breathable mesh makes it easy to see your fruits and vegetables and will keep them fresh. Make the switch from annoying plastic bags to our reusable cotton produce bags. Your fruits and vegetables will be better for it and so will the environment. 


Each set comes with 6 reusable cotton mesh produce bags. 3 11"x17" bags and 3 11"x13" bags. 


You’ll Never Have to Use Those Annoying Plastic Produce Bags Again

  • These bags are easy to clean and quick to dry 
  • Larger in size and more durable than plastic bags
  • The breathable mesh helps keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for longer periods of time
  • They are a huge help in keeping plastics out of rivers, oceans and landfills

Fruits and Vegetables Are Easy To See Inside And Stay Secure 

  • 100% Organic Cotton Bag with see-thru mesh. It makes it easy to see which fruits and vegetables are in each bag
  • Cashiers won’t have to take your fruits and vegetables out to verify and weigh 
  • The pull drawstring helps keep your produce tight and secure inside of the bag

Lightweight, Double-Stitched Design

  • These cotton mesh bags practically weigh nothing and are easy to carry to the store or marketplace
  • The durable and sturdy design makes these bags reusable and will last for years 

TARE Weight Is On The Tag:

  • Each bag has its own weight included on the tag. 
  • 11''x13'' - 0.06lbs/26g
  • 11''x17'' - 0.08lbs/33g

Set of 6 Reusable Produce Bags

  • 3 (11''x13'') and 3 (11''x17'') bags included in each order 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TARE? 

  • It's the weight of the bag with no items inside of it. Some grocery stores will subtract the tare weight from the weight of the produce so you don't pay for the weight of the bag.

What is the TARE weight of each of the reusable produce bags?

  • 11''x13'' - 0.06lbs/26g
  • 11''x17'' - 0.08lbs/33g

Is the drawstring effective?

  • Yes, you just need to pull on it once and it will tighten and keep your fruits and vegetables secure. 

What types and amounts of produce can fit in each bag?

  • Medium (11''x13'')  – Can hold 10 large apples or oranges.
  • Large (11''x17'') – Can hold 16 apples or 2 butternut squash.

How do I clean these reusable produce bags? 

  • Wash in your sink or in the washing machine 
  • Lay them out flat and allow them to air dry 

What is the material made of?

  • 100% organic cotton