CryoDerm Pain Relief

CryoDerm was created in 1999 in Florida by a Licensed Massage Therapist. CryoDerm Cold was created with the intention that it be used by Healthcare Professionals. At the time, there were only a few similar products and they were being sold in the Retail market. This product took off quickly in the Professional market and spread throughout the United States, bridging to other countries as well. It was at this time that the CryoDerm line of products expanded to include CryoDerm Heat, Myofascial Cream and Warming Ointment, and more recently Magnesium Calming Cream.

CryoDerm products relieve pain by breaking the Pain-Spasm Cycle. This is a physiological cycle in which sensations and cognitions of pain from injury cause spasm in the nearby muscles. The spasm causes several other reactions in the body which in turn create more feelings of pain. This cycle continues indefinitely unless broken. 

Try CryoDerm Cold Therapy, Heat Therapy or Magnesium Calming Cream to soothe aches and pains.