(2 Pack) Black COPPER Infused Face Masks by enVy

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2 Pack of Reusable/ Washable enVy™ COPPER infused Face Masks with Super Soft TRIPLE layered Breathable Fabric + Next Generation Copper Ion Technology + Insanely Comfortable SoftEAR™ Loops + Adjustable Nose Wire.

  • M/L fit - fits average to large faces
  • Pack of two masks
  • Black in colour; each pack contains two of the selected colour

 What is COPPER Technology?

Our Canadian-Made 🍁 enVy COPPER infused face mask utilize next generation COPPER technology by NatuVerex which has powerful anti-microbial properties as tested using the standard AATCC-100 tested at 99.9% even AFTER 25 home washings and also meets (Delta P test) in compliance with EN 14683 and ASTM F2100-19.Lab Results on Methicillin Resistant Staph aureus (MRSA) show:

✓ 50% kill on contact     

✓ 85% kill within 1 hour     

✓ 99.9% kill in 24 hours

We offer 100% Copper Coverage on all the natural Triple fabric layers and surfaces of our anti-microbial mask (non-medical cloth mask).  🚫 We do not use nylon or neoprene. This cutting-edge technique adheres the COPPER ions to the fabric with excellent stability and durability, complete coverage leaving no gaps or areas untreated with Copper.  This also allows continuous release of COPPER ions to do their germ killing job! 

 More information on the benefits of copper can be found here.

The New Science Behind our enVy COPPER☄️Technology

enVy™ Pillow has been using this powerful natural element for years in our anti-aging enVy COPPER Pillow technology. So when the pandemic started, producing enVy™ COPPER masks was an easy addition to the Germ killing protection we needed.

We offer the best and latest Copper nanoparticle technology with superior efficacy, durability and powerful anti-microbial benefits which is completely infused on the natural fabrics we use on our enVy™ Pillow liners and PPE masks without losing the natural fabric’s true feel and breathability.  We are excited to partner with NatuVerex who has developed this latest COPPER anti-microbial science for performance fabrics that utilizes the next generation of technology.


This new COPPER nanoparticle technology is grafted on the entire surface of the material using a unique bonding technique.  By using a specialize tethering system or “bridging”  between the fabric fibres and the copper ions, this technology  creates a concrete like bond.  Compared to other COPPER products that uses copper polyester yarn which is then woven into textiles with every  5 or more rows of fabric (therefore not covering the entire surface), Natuverex Copper technology has the Copper nanoparticles uniformly distributed and firmly bonded on the entire surface of our natural fabrics (not nylon or neoprene) we use for our pillow liners and enVy™ COPPER infused masks (every layer,  inside and out).  


The various fabrics we use in our products are treated with the copper nanoparticles and has shown excellent and efficient antimicrobial activity against MRSA / Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) and Kliebsella pneumonia with the same germ killing effects tested even after washing 100 cycles. The results show excellent laundering tolerance and durability.


The key cutting edge feature here is that the reinforced concrete-like antibacterial copper nanoparticles applied to our enVy™ COPPER materials are bonded to the fabric using this unique bridging system.  The result is a unique Copper stability even when the material is bent, stretched, rubbed and of course washed!


It is also important to note that the process Copper uses to kill bacteria requires the release of Copper ions.  Many traditional copper coating processes had the copper particles stuck in the matrix of the fabric which minimizes (or prevents) the release of copper ions rendering them useless.  Using the COPPER technology by NatuVerex where the Copper has a strong interfacial connection to the fabric, the copper ions release freely when required to destroy bacteria and other harmful pathogens.