Tru Earth Eco-Strips Laundry Detergent (Baby) - 32 Loads

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Each Tru Earth eco-strip packs ultra-concentrated, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly cleaning power into a tiny, pre-measured strip of detergent that you just toss in the wash.

  • Specially formulated for your baby's clothes
  • New zero-waste compostable packaging
  • Hypoallergenic, free of harsh chemicals, enzymes, dyes and artificial brighteners
  • Fragrance-free 
  • Cleans your little one’s cotton clothes, cloth diapers, towels and blankets
  • For High Efficiency (HE) washers, standard washers and hand wash
  • No measuring & no mess
  • Dissolves completely in Hot or Cold Water.

You - Champion Over Your Laundry Once And For All

If you’ve got a house full of kids, you're likely spending a significant amount of time washing loads of laundry.

Having to get powder or liquid detergent out of your storage area and then measuring for each load can be tough.

Make it easy with Tru Earth Baby Eco Strips.

Take a strip out of the bag and throw it in your washing machine and you're done! It’s that easy, which we want for you, as you’ve got more important things to do with your time.


Tru Earth Baby Eco-Strips Make Laundry

As Simple as 1,2,3...

1: Remove Strip From Bag


2: Place Strip In Washer


3: Add Clothes


Tru Earth Certifications

  • Paraben-free
  • Phosphate-free
  • Free of added dyes
  • Free of chlorine bleach
  • Free of 1,4-dioxane, as certified by independent laboratory tests
  • Readily biodegradable in accordance with OECD 310D
  • Hypoallergenic, certified by independent dermatologists
  • Vegan: no animal-based ingredients or testing on animals by us or our ingredient suppliers



Gentle Enough for Even the Most Sensitive Skin 

Tru Earth Baby Eco-Strips isn't only convenient, but we pride ourselves on health and safety. Tru Earth Baby Eco-Strips are hypoallergenic, vegan-friendly and Paraben-free. They are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.


Uncompromising Cleaning Power

Just because you want the chore of doing laundry to be simpler, cleaner, and more eco-friendly...

It doesn't mean you have to give up cleaning power.  

This is why we haven't cut any corners with Tru Earth Baby Eco-Strips Laundry Detergent.

Each strip of Tru Earth laundry detergent weighs 3g. 

Yet, our strips pack the SAME power as 40g of liquid or powdered detergents.


Tru Earth Package dimensions:

Length 8.7" (22cm)

Width 5.5" (14cm)

Height 0.8" (2cm)


If everyone switched to Tru Earth Baby Eco-Strips, the annual eco-savings would be enormous:  

  • Eliminate over one billion plastic jugs, while saving 700 million from going to landfills
  • Save truck fuel and CO2. It would be like taking 27 million cars off the road for a day or planting nine million trees

We’ve also launched our new eco-friendly packaging for Tru Earth Baby Eco-Strips.

Every package shipped now comes in a biodegradable cardboard sleeve. 

You'll be excited to see a truly zero-waste product that will arrive at your front door!